SetUp Tips

Optimum surround sound for different sources

There are currently various types of multi-channel signals (signals or formats with more than two channels).

Types of multi-channel signals

Dolby Digital (EX), Dolby Pro Logic, DTS (ES), high definition 3-1 signals (Japan MUSE Hi-Vision audio), DVDAudio, SACD (Super Audio CD), MPEG multi-channel audio, etc.

(Source) here does not refer to the type of signal (format) but the recorded content. Sources can be divided into two major categories.

  Types of sources : Movie audio

Signals created to be played in movie theaters. In general sound is recorded to be played in movie theaters equipped with multiple surround speakers, regardless of the format (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc.).


  Other types of audio

These signals are designed to recreate a 360�X sound field using three to five speakers.


These two types of sources thus have different properties, and different speaker settings, particularly for the surround speakers, are required in order to achieve the ideal sound.