SetUp Tips

Speaker setting examples

Here we describe a number of speaker settings for different purposes. Use these examples as guides to set up your system according to the type of speakers used and the main usage purpose.

1. For THX Surround EX systems (using surround back speakers)

(1) Basic setting for primarily watching movies

This is recommended when mainly playing movies and using regular single way or 2-way speakers for the surround speakers.


(2) Setting for primarily watching movies using diffusion type speakers for the surround speakers

For the greatest sense of surround sound envelopment, diffuse radiation speakers such as bipolar types, or dipolar (THX) types, provide a wider dispersion than is possible to obtain from a direct radiating speaker (monopolar). Place these speakers at either side of the prime listening position, mounted above ear level.

(3) When using different surround speakers for movies and music

To achieve more effective surround sound for both movies and music, use different sets of surround speakers and different surround modes for the two types of sources.

* The speakers can be switched at the touch of a button by turning HOME THX CINEMA on when playing movies and off when playing multi-channel music.

2. When not using surround back speakers

The surround speakers can be switched freely during playback with the surround parameter adjustment.