SetUp Tips

Surround back speakers

The THX Surround EX format adds new (Surround Back) (SB) channels to the conventional 5.1-channel system. This makes it easy to achieve sound positioned directly behind the listener, something that was previously difficult with sources designed for conventional multi surround speakers. In addition, the acoustic image extending between the sides and the rear is narrowed, thus greatly improving the expression of the surround signals for sounds moving from the sides to the back and from the front to the point directly behind the listening position.


Speaker(s) for one or two channels are required in order to achieve a THX Surround EX system with the AVCA1SR.

Adding these, however, allows you to achieve stronger surround effects not only with sources recorded in THX Surround EX, but also with conventional 2- to 5.1-channel sources. The WIDE SCREEN mode is a mode for achieving surround sound with up to 7.1 channels using surround back speakers, for sources recorded in conventional Dolby Surround as well as Dolby Digital 5.1-channel and DTS Surround 5.1-channel sources.

Furthermore, all the Denon original surround modes (see page 32) are compatible with 7.1-channel playback, so you can enjoy 7.1-channel sound with any signal source.

Number of surround back speakers

With THX Surround EX, the surround back channel consists of one channel of playback signals, but we recommend using two speakers. When using dipolar speakers in particular, it is essential to use two speakers.

Using two speakers results in a smoother blend with the sound of the surround channels and better sound positioning of the surround back channel when listening from a position other than the center.

Placement of the surround left and right channels when using surround back speakers

Using surround back speakers greatly improves the positioning of the sound at the rear. Because of this, the surround left and right channels play an important role in achieving a smooth transition of the acoustic image from the front to the back. As shown on the diagram above, in a movie theater the surround signals are also produced from diagonally in front of the listeners, creating an acoustic image as if the sound were floating in space.

To achieve these effects, we recommend placing the speakers for the surround left and right channels slightly more towards the front than with conventional surround systems. Doing so sometimes increases the surround effect when playing conventional 5.1-channel sources in the THX Surround EX mode. Check the surround effects of the various modes before selecting the surround mode.